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BlockMark Delivers it’s First Blockchain Webinar to China

For a number of years BlockMark have been working with the Moller Institute to deliver  Blockchain training to their corporate clients. But this programme was a first.

The Moller Institute is part of Churchill College itself part of The University of Cambridge.   Normally programmes run at the Moller Institute but due to  COVID 19, a webinar was preferred.

At midday in the UK a Zoom call was set up to 75 delegates from Tech and Finance companies across China.

Although China leads the world in Bitcoin mining and blockchain infrastructure it is not Chinese engineers but Chinese leaders and managers who will have to understand blockchain to help create disruptive strategies for the future.

With simultaneous Mandarin translation the programme discussion,  presentation and Q&As generated a huge buzz in the short 1 hour introductory session.

Look out for future updates on the full Moller Institute Blockchain Webinars in English (& Chinese) coming soon.

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