BlockMark Registry

Issue, verify and control certificates and associated badges for recipients to manage and disseminate. Applies to qualifications, accreditations, membership and more. The credentials are anchored on the blockchain.

BlockMark Gems

The start of our pioneering digital collectibles platform, stunning gem artwork has been logged as ERC721 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain so that you can buy, collect and sell these digital assets using cryptocurrency.

BlockMark Education

BlockGames are our unique, hands-on practical workshops to demonstrate & explain blockchain technology. We have already educated over 300+ executives & corporate leaders about how crypto may disrupt their industry.

The Team

Our research & development lab is located high on the Malvern Hills in England, an area renowned for innovative tech including radar, LCDs, touch screens & cyber security.
Tom Alcott

Tom Alcott


Seasoned entrepreneur, social network analyst, spice trader (founded Peppermongers), social entrepreneur and Yachtmaster.

Dr Adrian Burden

Dr Adrian Burden


Serial tech. entrepreneur (co-founded Singular ID). Royal Society EiR at Birmingham University. Maserati 100 entrepreneur. Author of Start To Exit.

FRANK Water Projects

FRANK Water Projects

International Water Charity

On BlockMark Registry: "As a Clean Water Charity - BlockMark helped us to control the use of our logo and genuine partner communications across the web - their customer support and simple widget have greatly improved our brand protection" Katie Alcott / CEO Founder



Blockchain NFT Marketplace

On BlockMark Gems: "BlockMark created a text book example of an ERC721 NFT - it's great to have you onboard at Opensea marketplace!"

The Moller Institute

The Moller Institute

University of Cambridge

On BlockMark Education: "BlockMark have delivered numerous workshops on blockchains to our corporate and executive clients - all of the feedback has been very positive" . Mark Carberry /Director of Client & Product Services

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Hidden Gems (Part 1)

A 3 part introduction to BlockMark Gems  Coming soon  – 2 more parts Part 2. How to collect Crown  Jewels & Part 3 How to Win the Keys to the Kingdom Welcome to the launch of our new Digital Collectible Art platform with added Crown Jewels and The Read more…

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