Full Credential Control

About BlockMark Technologies

BlockMark Technologies is the company behind BlockMark Registry, the software-as-a-service for managing certificates and showcasing accreditation and capability.

Our platform makes issuing, receiving, inspecting and managing certificates efficient and intuitive for individuals and organisations alike.

We leverage the benefits of cloud services and blockchain technology to increase cyber security, trust and convenience. Smart badges and data analytics help to protect your brand, enhance your reputation, and generate new business. With an in-house coding team, we continue to roll out exciting new features to make our service even more compelling.

Sharing our knowledge with the world

We deliver unique educational talks and hands-on workshops about blockchains and how this exciting technology will disrupt and shape the future.

As developers of blockchain web apps, we are able to cut through the hype and provide up-to-date insights into how the technology really works, where it does and does not apply, and how it will likely impact the industry you are working in.