Trust, but verify

Our portfolio

The enterprise-grade solution to issue, manage and verify certificates and credentials.

Innovative blockchain leadership programme for future-focused teams.

NFT digital collectibles featuring unique and rare gemstones and jewels. An OG (2018-19) project!

Our exciting new NFT digital collectibles featuring a fantastic UK street artist.

About BlockMark Technologies

BlockMark Technologies provides software systems to manage processes around certification, accreditation and protecting intellectual property. We leverage the benefits of blockchain technology to increase cyber security, trust and convenience. Our approach is to save organisations time and money by developing intuitive platforms that scale and adapt to the needs of our customers.

Sharing our knowledge with the world

We deliver unique educational talks and hands-on workshops about blockchains and how this exciting technology will disrupt and shape the future.

As developers of blockchain web apps, we are able to cut through the hype and provide up-to-date insights into how the technology really works, where it does and does not apply, and how it will likely impact the industry you are working in.


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