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BlockMark Scale Out for Impact with South African Collaboration.


BlockMark Technologies is currently working on an exciting project looking at supply chain certification as part of the Scale Out For Impact (SOFI) programme.

Pictured. BlockMark Registry, a platform to manage the issuance, receipt and verification of certificates which in turn will be applied to physical products as they pass from manufacturer to end user.

The SOFI programme is a collaboration between Innovate UK, Newton Fund and The Technology and Innovation Agency (TIA) of South Africa.  The scheme aims to co-create innovations specifically to serve low-income communities in South Africa’s townships and rural economies.

In the autumn of 2020, the SOFI programme of entrepreneurship events hosted by the Liminal agency brought together 38 entrepreneurs from the UK and South Africa for a 6 week programme of exploration and information gathering. Just 5 projects were selected for further funded development.

BlockMark Technologies is collaborating with Durban based technology start up Sucrochem to certify the provenance and secure the supply chain of South African products into the UK and Europe.  BlockMark Technologies will develop and use a combination of innovative blockchain technology, labelling technologies, and digital certificates to track the chain of custody, reduce fraud and increase transparency for consumers.

Dr Adrian Burden, co-founder and CTO at BlockMark Technologies explains

“this exciting project will enable us to develop and test our BlockMark Registry service for certifying physical objects, such as premium products, where quality and proof of origin is primary concern.  We will use our expertise in blockchain technology to demonstrate the application of non-fungible tokens in this field.”