The world of distributed ledgers, crypto-currencies and blockchain applications changes quickly and is the subject of a vast and growing amount of literature.

Our BlockGames educational sessions have been designed to distil the important information for you, but if you’d like to do a bit of research yourself we recommend the following resources as a start:

The seminal blockchain paper by Satoshi Nakamoto.  The story of Satoshi is itself a long and interesting one.

There are plenty of resources and links about the bitcoin network at

And details of the second major blockchain Ethereum are available at

Another good overview of blockchain is given by

Public speaker and author Dan Tapscott is a recognised expert on the subject, and he has given a TED talk.  There is also another good TED talk by Bettina Warburg.

There is alot of financial and market news relating to crypto-currencies, and and are both good ways to stay up to date.


There are lots of books on the subject, but they can get out of date quickly as the technology develops. However, the following are a good read:

Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy. A good overview of blockchain and in particular the bitcoin blockchain.

Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum & Smart Contracts, by David Gerard. This book cuts through much of the hype and is a good antidote to all the overly-positive texts that claim blockchain is a solution for almost everything!