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Case Study No.1 : Veritherm

Case Study No.1 – How Veritherm successfully uses BlockMark Registry Read on to find out how it worked…

BlockMark Scale Out for Impact with South African Collaboration.

BlockMark Technologies is currently working on an exciting project looking at supply chain certification as part of the…

Remember Members?

Lockdowns work against our very basic human instincts to gather in like minded groups – in membership groups….

Are we all about to miss the boat with globally-recognised COVID-19 travel vaccination records?

After a year of increasingly disrupted travel and tourism, a number of nations are now rapidly accelerating their…

BlockMark Win Innovate UK Award Extension for Immunity Passport

If you read these blogs you will know that since June 2020 BlockMark Tech have been working on…

Why We Need a Yellow Immunity Passport

The phrase ‘Digital Health Immunity Passports’ is a loaded term. If it hurts you to think of the…

3 things you don’t know about Immunity Passports

Immunity Passports are an infringement on our civil liberties! You’ll never take me alive!! I hear you cry….

Frankly Giving a Dam(n)

Water Water Everywhere? Since 2005 FRANK Water has been working in India & Nepal to deliver WASH programmes…

BlockMark Delivers it’s First Blockchain Webinar to China

For a number of years BlockMark have been working with the Moller Institute to deliver  Blockchain training to…