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What we do

We deliver unique educational talks and hands-on workshops about blockchains and how this exciting technology will disrupt and shape the future.

As developers of blockchain web apps, we are able to cut through the hype and provide up-to-date insights into how the technology really works, where it does and does not apply, and how it will likely impact the industry you are working in.

Who should attend?

Managers manage the day-to-day but leaders have to make decisions about the future; see around corners, see what’s coming over the horizon. Is new technology a threat or an opportunity? Does it disrupt and challenge business as usual? What if we don’t react but our competitors do?

Our educational sessions are suited to professionals at different levels within a range of industry sectors:

  • Senior Leadership & Management Teams
  • IT Departments
  • R&D / Product Development Teams
  • Cross-Functional SME teams
  • Banking & Financial Sectors
  • Management Consulting Sector
  • Legal & Insurance Industry Sectors
  • Technology Sectors
  • Education & Learning (Business Schools, Colleges &Universities)
  • Charities (we offer a discount to registered charities)

How does it work?

We can deliver a session either at your premises, at your favourite nearby venue, or you could visit us here in Malvern and enjoy the change of scenery. In addition to the applicable session fees outlined above, we will charge for our travel, subsistence and any necessary overnight stay costs.

Our Packages

Blockchain PRimer

£950 + VAT

A technical presentation with Q&A, typically an hour in length. This can be an effective way to introduce your team to some of the terminology and technology behind blockchain, explaining concepts like fungible tokens, distributed ledgers, mining and hashing.

Blockgames Level 1

£1,950 + VAT

A half-day workshop with technical content and illustrative team games that explain the fundamentals of blockchains, cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens in an accessible and interesting way. The gaming element also improves teamwork and can provide insights into team dynamics and managing innovation. This session will leave participants with a basic understanding of blockchain technology and terminology, and give them an appreciation of the state-of-play and the range of applications being explored.

Blockgames Level 2

£3,450 + VAT

A full-day workshop along the same lines as the half-day workshop described above, but with more technical content about blockchains and their applications, and more hands-on illustrative games. Level 2 can form a great away-day for your project team or management team, giving them an insightful and enjoyable session about new technology as well as improving team dynamics. This session will leave participants with a fair understanding of blockchain technology and terminology, its pros and cons, and an appreciation of the real-world use cases.

Blockgames Level 3

£5,950 + VAT

A two-day workshop with technical content, illustrative team games, and the time to dive deeper into blockchain in the real world with hands-on activities like setting-up crypto-wallets, sending and receiving cryptocurrency, and trading digital collectibles. This extended session will leave participants with a good understanding of blockchain technology and its applications, as well as experience of interfacing with blockchains and associated tools.


Who has already benefitted?

We’ve already delivered sessions to a number of corporate clients, mainly in the financial sector.

We have worked with The Moller Institute (at Churchill College, University of Cambridge) to deliver BlockGames workshops to overseas banks as part of their residential executive leadership programmes.

We have also worked with a number of UK headquartered financial institutions to bring their leaders up to speed on blockchains.

Some of their feedback to us includes:

“Great subject matter”
“Clearly explained”
“Made what could be a technical subject understandable for us non-technical people. Content was clear, examples were useful”
“The day was very well planned”
“The presenters were very good – knowledgeable & friendly”
“Really enjoyed it – Thank you!

Participants and delegates of our BlockGames programmes give us a net promoter score of 8.4 out of 9 for recommendations to other colleagues.

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