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Frankly Giving a Dam(n)

Water Water Everywhere?

Since 2005 FRANK Water has been working in India & Nepal to deliver WASH programmes (Water & Sanitation & Hygiene) and now provide water for over 426,459 marginalised rural villagers at 617 locations.  This is a great thing – water being the most fundamental of all development building blocks. 


As the charity has grown it has raised funds from generous corporate partners (The H & M foundation, The Adventurists and Arup) as well as a small army of volunteer fundraisers – who run marathons, support at festivals, skydive and more – including BlockMark’s very own Co-Founder Tom Alcott who swam 15Km around the Scilly Isles to raise funds for FRANK Water in 2017.

Charity Claim VS Charity Proof

Charities have reputations that need to be carefully managed. And you’d be surprised to know that many people ‘Claim’ to support a charity (and sometimes even fundraise) when in fact they don’t. They lie and defraud the charity instead.

To this end – BlockMark Technologies are working to secure the reputation of FRANK Water and other charities by supplying Certificates offering Proof of Origin – using our Registry Platform.

By logging Authentic Supporter Certificates on the Ethereum Blockchain – FRANK Water can prove that certificates are un-tamperable and not counterfeit.

Genuine Rainmakers

This Autumn FRANK Water are offering their company sponsors a RainMaker, CloudBurst or Monsoon Maker Certificate to prove they are bona-fide supporters and have genuinely funded clean water projects. Not only does this give peace of mind to genuine supporters but it also stamps out charity fraud.

Click through our badge below – For evidence

See that claim of support below? Well now you can click through our RainMaker badge to see we are an authenticated FRANK Water supporter.

Water is life – we are after all made of 70% water. FRANK water is driving the charity tech sector forwards and BlockMark Technologies are proud to support them in managing their reputation and keeping their sponsors happy.

Visit the FRANK Water website  for more ways to donate or get involved.