Customer Feedback

We work with a top UK University to deliver BlockMark Ed programmes to Overseas Banks.

We also work with a number of UK banks & financial institutions delivering short 1/2 day and 1 day workshops to bring financial leaders up to speed on the brave new world of Blockchains.

Programme content is practical and game based – learning by doing not talk & chalk or death by powerpoint.

Recent Delegate Feedback

“Great subject matter”
“Clearly explained”
“Made what could be a technical subject understandable for us non-technical people. Content was clear, examples were useful”
“The day was very well planned”
“The presenters were very good – knowledgeable & friendly”
“Really enjoyed it – Thank you!

Net promoter score 8.4

Participants and delegates of our BlockMark Ed programmes score us  8.4 out of 9 for recommendations to other colleagues.