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Certificate, Certificate on the Wall…

Who’s the most genuine of them all?

The next time you walk into an office and catch sight of a certificate on the wall, ask yourself how you would actually check that it was still valid, or more importantly, genuine.  In other words, is it an easily verifiable certificate?

Certificates are used widely by businesses to demonstrate that they have the qualifications and skills in house to deliver a service. Sometimes these are safety critical, like a gas engineer’s certificate, an electrician’s certificate, or a medical qualification. Other times, they may indicate membership of an organisation, compliance with industry procedures, or demonstrate a duty of care to the environment.

If you are responsible for your company’s supply chain, you need to ensure all your suppliers are accredited correctly, behaving responsibly, and suitably qualified to provide you with good quality products or services.

Remarkable as it sounds, there are outdated and fake certificates and badges out there. People forget to renew, leave badges on their websites, or go out of their way to deceive.

Making it clear

BlockMark Registry has been designed with all this in mind. You can verify certificates that have been issued through our platform and presented to you by scanning their QR code or clicking through their embedded link. This in turn gives you more information about the certificate; who issued it, when it was issued, how long it is valid for, and the scope of its coverage. The information is also current at that point in time, so if the certificate on the wall has since been revoked or expired, you’ll get that up-to-date information.

And finally, keeping a record that you performed this due diligence is also effortless. Within your account, on our platform, a record will be made that you checked the certificate on the particular date along with its validity. This means that if there is a problem with a supplier in the future, you can review your records and demonstrate you took the time and trouble to check their certificates. After all, what good is a certificate if it is not easily verifiable?

For more information about BlockMark Registry or to book a demonstration of how it could be used in your business, please contact us.