Hidden Gems (Part 1)

A 3 part introduction to BlockMark Gems  Coming soon  – Part 2. How to play with your Crown  Jewels & Part 3 How to Win the Keys to the Kingdom At BlockMark Technologies in February 2019 we launched the first in our Treasure Island Series* of Collectible Cards and Games ; BlockMark Gems. This is a big deal for us – and maybe a big deal for diamond dealers, gamers, collectors […]

Trust Your Gut (Sometimes)

Gut instinct is a thing apparently.  New research shows that our guts are our second brain with over 100 million more neurones than what you think of as your main brain.. So the old wives tale of trusting your gut instinct in other words, your intuition, may just have a grain of truth in it. […]

Bitcoin Hacked ! Read All About it.

(Just don’t check the facts) Papers exist to sell papers. An editors job is an unenviable challenge ; if there’s lots of news or no news they need to fill 60 pages (half with the ad paying brands – the real customers) . So is it any wonder that the media love the Crypto rollercoaster?  […]

Isambard & MaaS

Mobility as a Service is desperately desperately trying to improve, albeit with stacks of constraints and at a glacial rate compared to any of the Victorians including the incredible Brunel. Chronic Underachiever? If you want to feel like a chronic underachiever, you can do no better than learn about the Second Greatest Briton (after Darwin […]