Hidden Gems (Part 1)

A 3 part introduction to BlockMark Gems 

Coming soon  –

Part 2. How to play with your Crown  Jewels & Part 3 How to Win the Keys to the Kingdom

At BlockMark Technologies in February 2019 we launched the first in our Treasure Island Series* of Collectible Cards and Games ; BlockMark Gems.

An Original Paul Farrell Extended Octahedral Gemplate

This is a big deal for us – and maybe a big deal for diamond dealers, gamers, collectors and future business leaders 3.0 –only time will tell.

Broken Marketplaces 2.0

Remember the online adage ; if you don’t know what the product is on a marketplace like Facebook or Google then you are the product.

In our humble opinion at BlockMark we believe that most current Web 2.0 marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb etc) feel broken – being;

  • centralised  &
  • expensive with
  • fake spammers & fraudsters

When they should be ;

  • provably fair & honest
  • transparent & auditable
  • cheap &
  • totally trustworthy

Our challenge at BlockMark all along has been to build a next generation platform to educate business leaders about new blockchain based marketplaces.

Marketplaces 3.0

We want a marketplace that has trust built in from the start and a marketplace that is transparent and auditable for both buyers and sellers.

Strangely enough, the first successful blockchain marketplace deployed in September 2017 was for cats… Meet the kitties…

BlockMark Gems was inspired by cryptokitties and building on Ethereum based Non Fungible Tokens (ERC721 standard)

Since late 2018 we have worked with BlockMark Artist in Residence Paul Farrell to develop a range of beautiful gems that can be mined, collected and remixed – all the while exploring the brave new world of Blockchain Marketplaces.

Humans like to collect things – from storing food coupons for a rainy day to collecting art. Anthropologists would say, anything that is a store of value or that has exchange value is worth collecting.

Grandpa the philatelist collected stamps… Dad collected Pannini football stickers (€500M worth per year) the next generation of digital natives are collecting blockchain based digital collectibles. 

The future of collecting is upon us. We welcome you down our mines – Join us in exploring BlockMark Gems in order to better understand blockchains and how they can be applied to your business.

To see how we are getting along in our quest -visit www.etherscan.io to view the latest gem transactions.


Watch out for Part 2 of this Hidden Gem series to find out how to Remix and Collect Gems and display them in Crown Jewels.

Part 3 includes Battles between Subjects with Crown Jewels – to win the Keys to the Kingdom! Dare you pick up the Gauntlet?