Isambard & MaaS

If you want to feel like a chronic underachiever, you can do no better than learn about the Second Greatest Briton (after Darwin but Before Lady Di).

The fantastically named Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Even his name casts a shadow.

Brunel was a visionary.  He envisioned Mobility as a Service (MaaS) 182 years before the term was invented.

The dream lives on. BlockMark is working on MaaS today with our Ticketty Boo project in association with Go Ahead Group and LM Labs to provide ticketless ticketing.

One Ticket

In 1835 Brunel  wanted One Ticket to rule them all; a single ticket from London to New York.

In hindsight – the dream was the easy bit. But being clever and of firm resolve (Isambard means ‘Iron-Bright’) he then went on to build;

Paddington Station

The Great Western Railway

Bristol Docks

And The SS Great Britain

In between times he somehow found time to build the SS Great Western, The SS Great Eastern, The Clifton Suspension bridge, The Thames Tunnel and quite a bit more.

It is alleged that he kept his sandwiches under his hat to save time getting his packed lunch. He was that busy.

Brunel would have loved the HyperLoop. Without a doubt he was forward thinking and the greatest champion of public transport the UK has ever seen (or will ever see?).

He was also a big softie. On his death, his more comfortable broad gauge Great Western Railway was replaced by the more utilitarian Standard Gauge – to our everlasting regret.

Footnote. Mobility as a Service is improving, albeit at a glacial rate compared to Brunel’s vision. BlockMark is working with Go-Ahead Group and LM labs to improve frictionless travel by using blockchain based ticketless ticketing.

Check back soon to find out about our demo’s in October 2017.