Urban myth has it that the Earl of Sandwich (aka The Baron of Montagu aka the Viscount of Hinchingbrooke)  in 1762 in a stroke of culinary genius, invented the lunchtime snack of a slice of meat between two bits of bread.

Fig 1. The Earl of Sandwich seen here clutching a Sandwich prototype (quite possibly a wrap).

Sandwich’s insight, in the UK alone, has led to a gut busting £7 Bn industry.


Given Sandwich’s contemporary Adam Smith & his division of labour ideas – That single industry is held together by thousands of quality standards embedded in supply chain contracts, retail contracts and consumer rights contracts.

And the contracts themselves are accredited, validated and displayed in the form of… certificates.

With certificates of Analysis (for ingredients), Insurance certificates (for manufacturing), HSE certificates (for employee protection), British Retail Consortium and HACCP certificates (for consumer protection).

At BlockMark we have identified the weaknesses of certificate architecture and reimagined it as a sandwich contract.

Fig 2. Current Weak Certificate Architecture

The current architecture is weak in that it leaks data, is not cyber secure, is easily replicated and often faked.

Blockchains offer cryptographic signatures of certificate data allowing attestation and verification with 100% guarantee.

Blockchain start ups like Provenance, BlockVerify and Everledger are offering new services to track and identify supply chains from fake goods to tuna fish and diamonds.

At BlockMark we are validating attestation of business certificates using our

Sandwich Model of Smart Contract Deployment 

                                   Fig 3. BlockMark Sandwich 

What you cannot see from Fig 3.  is the Verifying Entity or Relying party.  Because they are happily eating the sandwich. In the jargon, the are the ‘economic buyer’. BlockMark tech has effectively removed the proof and claim layer of the Accredited Entity. From now on there is no uncertainty – only attestation.

At BlockMark we are supporting companies to control their certificates, revoking when required, as well as reducing fraud and revenue loss.

Contact us for next generation certification with our ground breaking Certificator Service.

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