Blocks 101 (2)

Welcome to our resource page for participants on our BlockMark Ed programme.

This pizza was the first retail product ever bought with Bitcoin. It cost Lazlo Hanyecz  $41 in Bitcoin in 2010 and because of fevered speculation in Bitcoin since then – it would now be valued at $15M.

(Even at $41 it seemed like quite a pricey pizza but $15M would be a crazy price to pay). If speculating on already expensive pizza is your thing then read more here.

The best time to learn about crypto and blockchains is in 2009.

But if you want to do that you’re going to need one of these…

The second best time to learn about crypto and blockchains is right now.

Learning about blockchain on the internet can be like drinking from a fire hydrant: messy overwhelming and strangely not satisfying.

So here at BlockMark we’ve decanted the water into little paper cups that makes it easy to swallow…

Below you will find links to information & great resources.  WE have cut through the white noise to find the signal- we have mined the clay to find the diamonds.

You will also find references to our BlockMark Ed Programme to help you remember, practice and understand how blockchains work.

So get a cup of tea, roll up your sleeves, stick your Worzel Gummidge crypto head on and get stuck in.

Like the internet in general – It’s all about the cats.

But before we get to Cryptokitties you’ll be well advised to learn a little. Unless you’re  already bitcoin mining, and you are Satoshi him or herself you’re going to need;

(Sadly BlockMark does not offer financial advice..)

All the above is like diving in at the crypto deep-end fully clothed.

Frankly we recommend the best thing to do first is to learn to swim…

Practical swimming lessons (such as BlockMark Ed) are best but some light theory will get you started on your way to Olympic 10m synchronised diving mastery.

So here goes, in no particular order…

General information on bitcoin/blockchain:

Bitcoin central

Ethereum blockchain


Original Satoshi paper on Bitcoin  (just 9 pages long, count’em)

Some say Nick Szabo is Satoshi. He might be. He might not. Either way he has a good blog about money and philosophy here at unenumerated.

Meet the charismatic Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin at the Ethereum conference here:

The Andreessen Horowitz Resource

Explore the a2z cannon (a lifetime of reading) here

Gentle introduction to blockchains

Explore transparency and anonymity here

Bitcoin explorer

Ethereum explorer

Cryptocurrency news (and learning resources)

Self claimed leaders in Blockchain News : Coindesk.

And the other one Cointelegraph.

Market News

Funny irreverent blog on currency and crypto

There’s always a TED talk or two; here are some by Don & Bettina.

TED talk by Don

TED talk by Bettina

You’re going to need an on-ramp (a hot wallet aka an ‘Exchange’) unless you’re mining in China…

Bitcoin / Ether wallet provider /

Food Supply Chain cases of blockchains;

See how IBM are tracking food here at the IBM Food Trust

And how provenance of Line Caught Tuna can be traced here

And Cold Chain case studies with (Who also win a prize for one of the strangest websites ever).

Explore how the charity RNLI already accepts Bitcoin 

Check out how Bitcoins fund life boats here and follow the money by clicking on blockchain info below

And last but by no means least, Cats.

Explore the wonderful and fascinating world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the form of cats. You can use NFTS for tracking Insurance claims, loans, debts, art ownership and digital asset management – but Cats is a good place to start…

Get your Cryptokitties here  the most expensive one sold was $170,000 . Not a typo. Truly the world has gone crazy for NFT cats.