Blockchain Applications


What we do:  In our research lab high in the Malvern Hills we build blockchain apps deploying game changing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • We build apps to issue digital assets,
  • We build apps for asset ownership &
  • We build apps to trade & transfer assets.

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  1. Crypto ROx Digital Collectibles (ERC721 / NFT)

Inspired by the great work on ERC721 standards & curious about the pioneering blockchain work behind CryptoKitties we  created the Worlds First  online blockchain jewellery store.

Artist-in -Residence Paul Farrell, designed the first Gemeration of Jewels. Now every 10 minutes brand new Baby Gems are minted on the Ethereum Blockchain with new Gems being created with the Remix contract.

Non Fungible Tokens exist in the form of;

  • Rubies,
  • Topaz,
  • Emeralds,
  • Garnets,
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Aquamarine
  • Amethysts
  • Opal’s and of course a girl’s best friend –
  • Diamonds…

Exchange or store them in your digital wallet,  Remix and create your own Crown Jewels – the possibilities are endless…

Get mining & visit the ROx Remixer now at

2. Certificate Control

Certificates have many fatal flaws; digital copies are easily faked,  wet ink signatures are easily forged. They also get wet, blow away,  get lost and catch fire.

In our research lab we have created Blockchain-based Cryptographically Secure Certificates  anchored on both Chainpoint and Bitcoin blockchains. Easy to issue, easy to verify.


Currently certificate architecture is weak at the proof layer.

Blockchains can fix certificates using Non Fungible Tokens tied to digital signatures for both attestation & ownership.

Goal: To deploy & enforce certificate contracts using applied blockchain technology to guarantee certificate authenticity.

Technology : Anchoring certificate attestation with cryptographically signed identities linked to time-stamped smart contract conditional certificates.

Outcomes : Reduced fraud. Greatly improved certificate control for issuers and users. Super-fast verification for relying parties, accurate issuance for certificate authorities, certificate management for users, automated renewal and revocation for certifying bodies.

Ticketty Boo:

BlockMark is inventing and deploying frictionless ticketing solutions for the UK’s rail industry.






Goal:  Mobility as a Service (MaaS),  frictionless travel, “gateless gates & ticketless tickets”.

Technology:  Deployment of location & timestamped blockchain smart contracts, ticket filters & Pay-As-You-Go billing to improve user experience.

Outcomes: Reduced travel stress, faster journeys, reduced station congestion, accurate pricing & prevention of revenue loss.

*The phrase Ticketty Boo comes possibly from the Hindi  – “ṭhīk hai, bābū”, & was Englishified by the British Military in India to Tickety-Boo, meaning;  ‘Everything is Good’ or that things are proceeding quickly and smoothly. A perfect name for a frictionless travel project that says ‘boo’ to tickets…