We’re the company behind BlockMark Registry, the software-as-a-service for managing certificates and showcasing accreditation and capability.

Our platform makes issuing, receiving, inspecting and managing certificates efficient and intuitive for individuals and organisations alike.

We leverage the benefits of cloud services and blockchain technology to increase cyber security, trust and convenience. Smart badges and data analytics help to protect your brand, enhance your reputation, and generate new business. With an in-house coding team, we continue to roll out exciting new features to make our service even more compelling.

Our head quarters is located high on the Malvern Hills in England, an area renowned for innovative technology including radar, LCDs, touch screens & cyber security.

Our History

BlockMark Technologies was founded in June 2017 as a high-technology startup to exploit the emerging interest in blockchain technology. We explored the world of non-fungible tokens and distributed ledgers, applying these concepts to find solutions to the problems faced in the ticketing, certification and digital IP sectors.

We spent time on the London Midland Labs technology accelerator programme and in Worcestershire’s BetaDen incubator progtamme. We launched our own digital collectibles called BlockMark Gems and The Picaroons. We have delivered hands-on blockchain training programmes to professionals in the financial services sector. All this activity has enabled us to build and refine our flagship product BlockMark Registry.

Our digital collectibles are now owned and being further developed by Astro Laboratories Ltd.

The Team

BlockMark Technologies is led by two experienced co-founding directors who over the years have worked in numerous business sectors, gaining key insights into the problems organisations face with counterfeiting, logistics, cyber security and managing the flow of accurate and trustworthy information.

Dr Adrian Burden, CEO
Serial tech. entrepreneur (co-founded Singular ID). Previously Royal Society EiR at Birmingham University. Maserati 100 entrepreneur. Author of Start To Exit.
Tom Alcott, Non-Exec Director
Seasoned entrepreneur, social network analyst, spice trader (founded Peppermongers), social entrepreneur and Yachtmaster.